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SCDA Watkins Glen International High Performance Driving & Track Events (HPDE)

Watkins Glen, located at the southern tip of Lake Seneca in Watkins Glen, New York is one of the premier permanent road courses in North America. This first class 3.4 mile facility hosted the United States Grand Prix for many years, and now the track is one of two road courses that NASCAR Sprint Cup races on. This is the same track that drivers from Jeff Gordon to Jackie Stewart have driven on!

SCDA- Watkins Glen Passing Zones

Participants can expect:

Four on track driving sessions,
One on One In Car Instruction for Novice Drivers
Classroom Sessions

Please note that complimentary camping will be allowed at this event on Monday Night (Only). Trailers may also stay overnight on Monday night.

Optional Track Walk with corner by corner analysis of the track at the end of the day Monday with Enrique and 4 time national champion and Pirelli World Challenge Champion, SCDA president Elivan Goulart!

A reminder that drivers can sign up for either a single day, or sign up for a two consecutive day event and receive a discounted entry fee!

A limited number of arrive and drive rental Spec Miatas are available for this event.

The new LITTLE SPEED SHOP will be open on the far end of the garages for tire mounting/balancing and more!

We will utilize the ultra smooth and just repaved 3.4 mile LONG COURSE configuration at this event.

GARAGES are not available for this event due to wine festival preceding our event.


Watkins Glen JULY 13-14:

NOVICE is also known as the Green Run Group. ( Newer track drivers with no experience to limited experience, Instructor provided)

Novice Solo/Intermediate 1: Lower Intermediate group, but comfortable and capable of driving solo on track. Will run in Novice group without instructor.

INTERMEDIATE is also known as the Blue Run Group. (Must have prior experience driving solo without an instructor)

ADVANCED is also known as the Red Run Group. (Highest level- years of track experience)

Event Price:

Watkins Glen event entry fees are $399 retail for a single day or only $724 for a 2 day event. ($449 and $779 respectively for Novice group, includes instructor)

Pay only $374 for one day OR only $699 for both days if you register 2 months prior to the event. ($424 and $749 respectively for Novice group, includes instructor)

Save $50 off 2 DAY entry when if you are driving a CHEVROLET at this event!

Sign Up by May 14th to receive a $25 Early Registration Discount!



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